Building Information Modelling & Simulation

Simulation & Building Optimisation

Reducing the amount of energy that a building consumes is a key driver in all our design solutions. In line with government initiatives to deliver a higher standard of energy efficient building, we have incorporated the latest design efficient technologies into our workstream.

IKM’s Building Services engineers use state of the art thermal simulation software (IES Virtual Environment) to analyse building energy performance, solar shading and daylighting simulation. Our analysis informs the project design team on key design solutions and whether they are appropriate to include into the building design specification.

Our analysis is carried out early in the design process, to help us and our clients make informed decisions. For example, a buildings orientation will influence the internal heating & cooling load.  It will also affect how the building design impacts the environment and surrounding buildings.

Once the building is defined, we then use IES to develop our renewable energy design optimisation.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

IKM Building Services ensure the efficiency of design all the way through to construction. We utilise the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) within AutoCAD Revit to develop our mechanical and electrical designs. We have used BIM for a number of years and have key in-house design skills, working to Level 2 standards.

AutoCAD Revit enhances our collaborative engineering skills. We don’t use BIM as just a tool – our team of engineers understand the need for value added design. We use a co-ordinated approach to our design communication strategy, often liaising between other key members of our organisation or third parties, to deliver an elevated level of building¬†design efficiency.

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