Building Services Surveys & Audits

Building Services Surveys & Audits

Building services survey and auditing services are a vital part of maintaining the core aspects of a buildings services.  Like cars, buildings require regular maintenance, or facilities management. As the building services within a building age, and the buildings function changes, they need to checked. IKM offer technical and facilities management audits. We will attend site, review the services installation, assess any ongoing issues, and check that regular maintenance is being undertaken before preparing a report on our findings.

The types of surveys and audits we undertake include:

Asset Inspections

Asset inspection surveys are a critical component is planning scheduled maintenance activities and setting long term budgets in order to ensure operational integrity.

Energy Surveys & Audits

Energy surveys help our clients to see where savings can be achieved by analysing the efficiency of the buildings services.  We provide recommendations on the implementation of energy efficient design solutions and the subsequent pay back periods.

Condition Surveys

Building owners and managing agents often contact us to help provide a report on the condition of the building services within their portfolios.  We’ll identify any defects and make recommendations on maintenance & budget requirements.

Dilapidation Surveys

At the end of lease terms, we’ll help landlords or tenants to produce a dilapidation survey on the state of the buildings services and any identified defects.

Acquisition Surveys

Assessing MEP services within a building represents a major element for any potential purchaser. We ensure that the potential purchaser is aware of the condition of all services in the building to ensure viability of the purchase.

Technical Audits

Without building services, structures are just passive environments without any working components.  Without effective management of M&E services buildings simply don’t function.  IKM Building Services Engineers can advise on installations and efficiency while undertaking in depth surveys and testing systems.


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